Advance Therapy specializes in the provision of rehabilitation services for people with an acquired brain injury. We recruit highly qualified and experienced Rehabilitation Therapists who collaborate with multi-disciplinary treatment teams to help clients achieve their maximum recovery.

Under the supervision of regulated healthcare professionals, our Rehabilitation Therapists provide each client with customized support for activities of daily living, educational or vocational pursuits, and community reintegration activities.



Advance Therapy provides the highest quality support services for each client. We work hard to develop trust with our clients, discover their strengths and challenges, and partner with them to find unique ways to support, motivate, and enable them to accomplish their goals.

We are committed to:

Client-centered rehabilitation services

Collaboration with client's family

Multidisciplinary treatment

Customized rehabilitation strategies

Goal-driven rehabilitation services

Efficient use of rehabilitation dollars

Frequent communication between client, family, RT, etc.

Thorough and timely documentation



Advance Therapy retains the services of highly-trained professionals who take pride in client successes. Our therapists work hard to communicate effectively with the client's family and other treatment team members. This collaborative approach ensures effective therapy support and efficient use of rehabilitation dollars. As much as possible, we match clients with therapists who reside in the same area. Each therapist is thus well-acquainted with community resources and opportunities for local outings. Local client-therapists assignments also allows for greater flexibility with session-scheduling and keeps travel costs to a minimum.


We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our team. If you live in Southern Ontario and have experience working with clients with an Acquired Brain Injury, please email us a resume and cover letter.



Our Rehabilitation Therapists provide goal-directed therapy support to clients as they rebuild various aspects of their lives following a motor vehicle accident. A Rehabilitation Therapist works directly with a client in the home or community to develop a client's skills and level of independence over time.


Advance Therapy Rehabilitation Therapists specialize in many aspects of rehabilitation including:

Academic support

Job coaching

Addictions support

Behavioural interventions

Complex social or emotional needs

Group facilitation

Pediatric, youth, adolescent, & adult support

Physical rehabilitation and pool therapy

Slow to recover and spinal cord damage.


In addition to working with clients on an individual basis, Advance Therapy also offers group social outings and activities. The specific nature of these activities varies with the season and the specific interests of participants. Some examples of group activities include: Basketball, biking, fishing, golf, billiards, games nights, and 'boot camp' workout groups.

Each activity maintains a ratio of no more than 3 clients per Rehabilitation Therapist. Group size ranges from 2 to 6 clients per group. These activities offer many benefits to participants including: community integration; safe, enjoyable social networking; development of social and interpersonal skills; outdoor exercise; skill-development; event-planning and preparation; and reinforcement of weekly routine.


Advance Therapy's Personal Support Workers Plus (PSWPs) offer the same level of caring professionalism as the Rehabilitation Therapists, however, their focus is solely on the provision of support services including: Appointment confirmation, Liaising between treatment team and medical specialists, Recording substance of meetings, Scheduling support, and Transportation to medical appointments.


DriveAdvance: our new community and medical appointments transportation service.

Advance Therapy is pleased to announce the launch of a community and medical appointments transportation program for residents of the KW area. The program aims to provide transportation and assistance as necessary to clients with scheduled medical appointments at a reasonable and predictable cost.

Personal. Reliable. Professional.

The program may also be useful for clients with community outings such as grocery shopping which are difficult to accomplish by taxi. An experienced Rehabilitation Therapist will provide transportation and any assistance required during the session. Client consent is required.

Safe. Supported. Direct.

If desired, the Rehabilitation Therapist will sit in on the appointment and take notes to be distributed as appropriate. If needed, session times may be extended subject to availability. Extra time is billed at $50 per hour, rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. HST is added to all rates. Parking or tolls will be billed at cost.

Pricing & Locations

Below is the pricing structure for transportation services for appointments or outings in the following locations:


Serving Cambridge, Guelph, KW
Includes 2 hours of time and all mileage



Serving the greater Hamilton area
Includes 4 hours of time and all mileage



Serving the Greater Toronto Area
Includes 6 hours of time and all mileage




We'd love to hear from you!

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